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Len Cava

Len Cava

About Me

My name is Len Cava. I’m 35 years old and have been writing music for over 15 years. I was born and raised in Southern New Jersey and currently living in Philadelphia PA. My passion of music derived from 90’s Alternative, an era of music that never left me. I consider song writing an outlet to write and sing about experiences in order to send relatable messages. My goal is to help others who relate be able to find inspiration to keep moving forward.


How Did I Get Here?

After I graduated High School in 2001, I took a year off from school to really reflect and understand what direction I wanted to go in life. It wasn’t easy. That led me to move in with my grandparents in Philadelphia, PA where my entire outlook on life changed. I earned a degree in English at Neumann College in Aston, PA and had the opportunity to study abroad in London for 10 weeks studying Shakespeare. During my time taking care of my grandparents, I started two bands: Infer and Solace Empathy.

Being in a band and writing about life experiences was such an amazing time in my life. However, the band split up when we all went our separate ways in life. An amazing group of guys to play in a band with. 

Years of being dormant and only writing a few songs here and there as well as producing an Album called ‘Revamped’ with little to no experience mixing and editing, I was recently rejuvenated by a jolt of writing I never experienced since being in a band in 2008. This prompted me to write my first STUDIO album “A Real Life Movie.”

Inspiration Comes In Waves

I find passion in all that inspires me to write: the good, the bad and the indifferent. This is the idea I went with in writing ‘A Real Life Movie.’ I realize inspiration truly does come and go in waves. I always enjoy turning the intentions of the song into a way of helping the listener get through difficult situations in life and finding a way to not let the past control you like it did for me. Allow the past to be a learning experience but never fret or waste valuable time in order to live life to the fullest. Don’t settle for anything less. We all suffer from something in life. Find what truly makes you happy and ENJOY it. 

Also, I feel my generation doesn’t truly live and work in a 9-5 world. My view of 8-5 is simply my generation working that extra hour each day to be able to maintain somewhat of a comfortable lifestyle with all the pressure the world surround ourselves with and still be able to find time to treat yourself to something to feel the reward of all of your hard work.